Loungey x i=Change

Play with Purpose

At Loungey, we're on a mission to not just spark joy and imagination in homes but to extend that warmth and positivity into the wider world. Partnering with i=Change, we're turning each purchase into a powerful tool for good, dedicating ourselves to making a tangible difference in lives across the globe. With every sale, we're contributing to causes that resonate with our values of care, community, and sustainability. Join us on this journey of giving back, where your choice to bring comfort and fun into your home helps us support these vital initiatives.

Transforming Joy into Global Impact, One Lounge at a Time

Support Kids with Cancer

Children's laughter and play are the heartbeats of a joyful home. By backing initiatives that support kids with cancer, we're contributing to the strength, hope, and resilience of young warriors and their families, ensuring they have the support they need during challenging times.

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Respond to Emergencies

Emergencies strike without warning, leaving communities in need of immediate assistance. Our commitment extends to responding to these crises, aiding in relief efforts that provide essential services and support to those affected by unforeseen disasters.

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Help Restore Sight

Vision is a gift we cherish, both in the physical and imaginative sense. Through our support for projects aimed at restoring sight, we're helping to bring clarity and light to those in darkness, enabling them to see the vibrant colors of their world once more.

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