The Imaginative Co. Pty Limited A.C.N.: 661 890 786 (the “Supplier”) is proud to provide this one (1) year limited warranty (this “Warranty”) to support our commitment to your satisfaction with Loungey® Products. Although Cloudey™ mats are durable, they are not indestructible. They will require a little regular maintenance to keep their surfaces at their best. Please read our care and maintenance recommendations to see how easy it is to care for your Cloudey™ Products to ensure years of service. In the unlikely event of a problem with any Cloudey™ ® product or to learn more about caring for your product, please contact our customer team at or visit

  1. The Warranty

The Supplier gives the following Warranty in respect to the Cloudey™ Products, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

  1. One (1) Year Repair or Replacement

The Supplier warrants for a period of one (1) year from the date of initial purchase to, at its sole option repair or replace, without charge, any Cloudey™ Product which fails due to a defect arising from its manufacture.

  1. Warranty Not Transferable

This Warranty is valid only to the original owner of the Cloudey™ Product and is not transferable to subsequent owners. Upon transfer of title by the original owner of the Product to any third party this Warranty shall be void and shall cease to have effect.

  1. Claims

All claims under this Warranty must be made by notice in writing issued to the Supplier by email to within seven (7) days after the occurrence of any event which gives rise to a claim pursuant to this Warranty.

  1. No Warranty of Merchantability

The Supplier and this Warranty do not offer or provide a warranty either implied or expressed of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, except as expressly stated herein.

  1. Not Covered by this Warranty
  • This Warranty does not cover damage or defect arising out of:

(a) fair wear and tear;

(b) misuse, abuse or mishap;

(c) failure to clean in accordance with the Supplier’s care and maintenance recommendations;

(e) exposure to ultraviolet radiation or outdoor use;

(g) insufficient allowance for expansion on unboxing by not keeping the zippers open for no less than 24 hours

(h) use as a structural element;

(i) not unboxing the item within the recommendations set out by the Supplier’s recommendations;

(j) any event not due to a defect in the manufacture of a Cloudey™ Product.

  1. Statutory Rights
  • The terms and conditions herein do not affect any mandatory conditions, non-excludable terms or warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974, or other statutory right.
  • The limitations and exclusions contained in this Warranty do not limit or exclude the application of the mandatory conditions, non-excludable terms and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974, or other equivalent state or federal legislation or act, insofar as any such limitation or exclusion would:

(a) contravene such legislation or act: or

(b) cause any part of this Warranty to be void.

  1. Supplier’s Liability
  • The Supplier’s liability for a breach of any expressed term or condition under this Warranty or any nonexcludable or implied term, condition or warranty is limited at the option of the Supplier to:

(a) replacement of the Products: or

(b) refunding the original cost of the Products that breached this Warranty.

(ii)               The Supplier excludes consequential loss of any kind and all terms, conditions and warranties implied by custom, the general law or statute.