Introducing the super soft and superbly comfortable Cloudey™ mat, by Loungey® 

The Cloudey™ mat is a thick, plush, soft touch tatami mat made using high density slow rebound memory foam. Walking on a Cloudey™ feels like what you would imagine it would be like to 'walk on a cloud'! It makes for the perfect lounge room, playroom or play couch companion and is far nicer than simply having a rug.

The Japanese long ago understood the ergonomic benefits from sitting on the floor and lying flat on our backs, and the recent trend has been to revert to floor space living. There is nothing more comfortable or fulfilling than simply lying on the floor together as a family, spending quality time and just relaxing with your toddler or your favourite furry friend. Laying on one of our Cloudey™ mats feels like you are lying on a massive marshmallow. It is the perfect solution for babies with tummy time, some yoga, toddlers learning how to walk and  needing a soft place to fall, and for grandma to rest her feet after chasing around those little toddlers!

Some other benefits of the Cloudey™ mat are:

-Easy to clean & quick to dry

-Ant-slip bottom backing

-Noise reduction & sound dampening; avoids hard floors in a play area or having to tip toe around the baby’s cot!

-Spill & stain resistant

-Ultra light weight; rollable, foldable and easily portable from room to room

-Made using high foam density so no additional underlays are required

-An affordable and durable choice comparing to traditional rugs or carpeting a room

Kids & Pets

No kids play area is complete without a big cosy soft floor mat. The Cloudey™ mat will help transform the playroom into a comfortable, safe and happy space. Children love rolling and playing on Cloudey™ as they provide wonderful sensory feedback, and they make for the best companion to a Loungey® play couch. Conventional play mats are heavy, expensive and feel hard and plastic compared to a Cloudey™ mat which simply feels far better. Also conventional play mats can be colourful & fun but usually don’t suit a home’s décor and end up standing out. Whilst a Cloudey™ mat on the other hand is going to be a versatile, cost effective and fashionable addition to your home transforming a space with both comfort and style.

With our Cloudey™ soft memory foam mats, you can worry less about the kids hurting themselves from a direct knock on a hard surface floor, and they make for a great resting area for your pets without disrupting the look of your room with an unsightly pet bed.

Everyday living & exercising

If you live in a home with hard surface flooring, the Cloudey™ mat is a great solution to add style and comfort to your space. Rather than spending thousands on carpet, our 35mm thick mat will ensure that your bedroom or living room is an amazingly comfortable personal space and walking on it with bare feet feels heavenly. If you’re renting and the floor are hard a Cloudey™ mat is a great and inexpensive way to add softness and sound dampening.

Our mats are also excellent for your daily exercise such as yoga, tai chi or stretching.

Colours & materials
Our Cloudey™ mats are available in a variety of sizes & carefully chosen colours to fit any room in the home and will harmoniously blend with most floors and furniture. 

Cloudey™ mats are currently available in a choice of FOUR sizes and a range of NINE fashionable colours across TWO ranges to suit every décor.

Small (1m x 1.5m)

Medium (1.5m x 2m)

Large (2m x 3m)

Super large (2m x 4m)

For added softness & a more luxurious feel we also have our Cloudey™ mat ‘LUXE’ edition which looks and feels divine. The ‘LUXE’ edition enjoys the same benefits as the original Cloudey™ mat at 35mm thickness and a non-slip bottom. 

** Do not use on polished concrete floors or floors with acrylic based sealers. 

Unboxing / Expanding the Cloudey™ mat

Like all modern foam-based products our Cloudey™ mats are manufactured and then compressed to take far less space which allows for quick and inexpensive shipping, as well as inherent environmental benefits due to the smaller package size. Our Cloudey™ mats are first folded and then rolled, so when you unbox your Cloudey™ it will naturally have some fold marks, creases, and bumps as a result of this process; don’t be worried this is perfectly normal.

We suggest that after opening your Cloudey™ to immediately lay it down on a flat surface for a few hours to allow the memory foam to decompress and return to its natural shape. The marks and creases will diminish with time & general use, and we usually recommend that you allow anywhere from 1 to 14 days for this to happen as it all depends on how long the product was compressed as well as the ambient temperature of the room it is being placed in.

If however you do find that your Cloudey™ still has some creases after this stage, we suggest using an iron/steamer on minimum heat and maximum steam settings to iron out the folds. It’s important not to hold the iron in one spot, instead do multiple passes if you need extra ironing to remove a stubborn crease. Also, it is important to make sure your iron is not too hot as this may damage the mat. It is always best to test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

When using an iron it is important to place a damp (not wet), clean, colourfast tea towel in between the iron and the mat as this helps to generate steam. After you have completed the steaming/ironing, your mat should be ready to use. Don't worry if it's a little smaller than it's meant to be, it will continue to fully expand for the next 7-14 days, so you will see the final result around this time.

*A note on colours;

Remember that colours will vary based on photography, your screen and also with batching and dye’s. There may be some slight variations in colour from what you see on our imagery, or in other customers photo reviews and what you receive. This is a fairly standard and acceptable industry condition. The size of your Cloudey™ will also have some variance due to the unique production process and some tolerance should be made here. We do have little fabric colour menu's which we can supply at minor cost on request so that you can see physical examples of our top cover fabric. Just email us at: if you would like one of these sent to you.

Care & Maintenance:

Regular cleaning:

The Cloudey™ mat is designed to be both stain resistant and easy to clean. Most spills can be easily wiped away and the mat can be vacuumed as necessary, spot cleaned, steam cleaned and even hosed off. The mat will usually dry out within 24 hours. Dry spills such as crumbs will vacuum easily however, if the spill is damp or sticky, you can use wet-wipes or a damp cloth and simply wipe off the liquid immediately and the marks will disappear.

Intermittent cleaning:

You can sprinkle baking soda across the top of your mat and leave it for 10 minutes before vacuuming, as this will help keep your mat fresh and clean. Carpet powders like the ones especially designed for pet odours also work but each brand is different so make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and as usual it is best to test on a small inconspicuous area first. It would be good to consider placing your Cloudey™ under the sun around once a month on a clean and dry surface in a dry spot such as a balcony, patio or porch. A fresh breeze will help to alleviate odours, and UV rays actually destroy the bacteria that cause bad odours. Don’t leave it out for more than a day at a time and ensure that it’s not raining.

Deep clean
For a deeper clean, handwashing your Cloudey™ mat gently with cold water and hanging it to dry works best.

*Avoid frequent washing as this may affect the quality of the mat.

Return Policy

For change of mind returns or exchanges we have a 14-day return/exchange policy in place. All returns and refunds will be issued at our discretion for a store credit in the form of a gift card, redeemable on our website. All products wishing to be retuned or exchanged must be unopened in original packaging and delivered to our warehouse at the buyers’ responsibility and expense. A restocking fee will apply to cover our internal costs relating to handling, inspection and restocking the product back into our warehouse and online system. Please note unapproved returns or exchanges will not be accepted, and exchanges and returns are limited to 1 time per order.
Please choose carefully as we are unable to provide any refunds for change of mind in colour and size of product

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Cloudey™ mat and other brands?
At Loungey® we take pride in the quality of all of our products. We take the time to research and gain an intimate material and technical knowledge before we decide to stock any product or put our brand to it. For our Cloudey™ mats we have carefully selected quality internal foams in a higher density than most of  our competitors which gives our mats a more comfortable and luxurious feel under foot. This of course has come at a greater expense than many of the products that are available in the market, but the differences in our products are very noticeable.

We even went to the expense to purchase a product from a few of the popular brands including an international mat, in order to compare the quality and feel and we are super confident that our mats will both perform and present at the highest levels available in the market.

Our quality control in our factory is stringent, we don’t skimp on materials and even our packaging utilises higher grade cardboard and anti-moisture desiccant silica bags are included to reduce any water vapour or moisture.

All of this leads to a clean, extremely soft to touch, almost bouncy floor mat, which is a joy to walk or rest on, as well as being resilient and durable.

Can I use it if I don't have kids at home?
Of course! Our Cloudey™ mat is designed for everyday use by the whole family including the pets.

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