Frequently Asked Questions

Loungey® play couches

What is a Loungey® play couch?

Play couches are designed to be versatile and unique pieces of furniture the whole family can enjoy. To a teenager or an adult, a play couch is the most coveted day bed. To the wonderfully imaginative & creative mind of a toddler a play lounge is a fashion runway, a bus, a castle one minute: and a slide the next. The sturdy yet soft place to hold onto whilst taking your first steps, and the softest and most wonderful place to fall when being chased by a loving tickle monster!

Age suitability & use limits

Suitable for all ages Loungey will evolve as your family grows to meet your changing needs. Play couches help toddlers develop gross motor skills by encouraging open ended play. Kids love to crawl & roll over them and create ramps to climb. When your toddler naps, it makes for the perfect place reading nook for mum. There are no weight limits for a Loungey® Sofa. Made from high quality & supportive foam which will bounce back after a long days’ play. Our foam density provides the perfect balance between gentle support & comfort.Can it be used for sleepovers?Of course! Not designed for prolonged sleep use, but comfortable for naps. Loungey® is not certified to pass as a newborn overnight sleep apparatus.

How do I clean & care for Loungey®? Is it waterproof & can I use it outside?

Cleaning cover sets & liners

Cover sets:

We all know accidents happen. As Loungey® is part sofa & part toy we anticipate the Loungey® Cover Sets are going to get a work out! That's why our first choice of materials for the covers was Micro-suede. Most spills will linger on the surface before getting absorbed. Using a paper towel to soak up liquids will quickly solve the problem. When spot cleaning, make sure to take the cover off before cleaning so that the stain isn't absorbed into your foam. If spills do soak through, the Cover Sets are machine washable. Simply wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with a colour safe detergent, on their own and hang to dry in a shady spot out of the sun to avoid UV colour degradation. If you are washing multiple Cover Sets, ensure that you wash colours separately. Do not tumble dry to avoid shrinkage. Wash the pieces together for consistency, & we recommend vacuuming Loungey® weekly to keep it looking great. For further instructions refer to the washing instructions on the fabric tag inside of your Cover Set.

We highly recommend protecting your foam with a Loungey® Waterproof Liner Set shop here.


Spills can be easily wiped off with a simple cloth or standard cleaning product. It is always a good idea to test your cleaning solution on a small section of your liner set. However, you should avoid using silicone-based cleaners.

How do you clean the Foam?

To clean the foam, remove the Cover Set and spot clean only with a damp cloth & mild detergent. Allow the foam to completely dry in a sunny, airy & fully dry spot. Ensure that the foam has fully dried before replacing the cover. 

Does Loungey® attract pet hair?

Loungey® is designed for the whole family with no furry exceptions! Most used fabrics are woven in loops which means they can get caught and marked by pet claws. Micro-suede is made differently, and pet scratches generally don’t leave a mark. Like any piece of furniture in the home, stray pet hairs can cling to your Loungey™ play couch, but a simple wipe with a damp sponge, a vacuum or using a lint roller will have Loungey® looking great in no time.

Is Loungey® waterproof & what happens if my foam gets wet?

Our Cover Sets are water resistant and able to stand small spills and accidents. Being ‘waterproof’ however differs from being water resistant, and a serious amount of water should always be avoided. If your Loungey® does get wet, remove the covers to wash then hang dry. Place the foam core in a well-ventilated space to dry out.

If you are concerned about accidents from little ones or pets, we do sell an inexpensive waterproof liners for all designs which we highly recommend you can buy here.

Although foam is a relatively porous material, generally it won’t soak up liquids in the same way that a sponge would. However excess moisture can still penetrate the foam and make its way into the material. If it is left untreated, mould and mildew will eventuate and, in these cases, mould could occur quickly, and moisture will eventually deteriorate your foam. If mould begins to grow your pieces will no longer be safe for use. If your foam does become wet there are a few methods, you can try to dry the affected foam. 

1. If it’s a small area and the spill was caught quickly, you can blot the area with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Then use a hair dryer on the high setting, around 10cm away from the foam.

2. Prop the affected piece up, allowing both sides to be exposed to air. Place a fan on either side and turn them on high. Air circulation can help speed up the drying process.

3. If it’s warm outside, you can take the foam out into the sun. Make sure both affected sides are exposed to air circulation.

*Note that bare foam exposed to direct sunlight can cause oxidation & harmless yellowing of the foam*

It is better to over dry your foam than leave it damp with moisture inside. If you don’t think you can fully get the piece dry, please dispose of the foam and don’t risk the safety of your family.

Can I use Loungey® outside?

Using Loungey® in a dry outdoor space such as a covered deck or patio is perfectly fine but don’t leave it outside. Loungey® is not designed for outdoor use fully exposed to all the elements like morning dew, rain, or snow. Direct outdoor sunlight and UV will fade the fabric colours over time.

Why are my foam pieces different colours & why is it turning yellow?

Foams vary in density and batching so it is commonplace to vary in colour or hue. Don’t be concerned this variation is perfectly normal. Foam yellowing is a natural occurrence and discolouration of foam is not harmful or toxic in any way. Foam discolours to yellow due to oxidation. Other factors such as UV exposure, high temperatures, air pollutants, sweat and body oils are also responsible. Whilst we can’t prevent the process, there are ways to help slow it down.

1. Using waterproof liners helps avoid sweat, body oils and other mishaps from staining the foam.

2. Avoiding direct sunlight when the foam is uncovered such as when the covers are off being washed.

3. Avoiding heat sources, includes windows (sunlight through the glass creates heat), heating vents, fireplaces etc as heat will accelerate the oxidation process.

Just remember, is that yellow discolouration won't affect the use of your foam nor is it harmful or unsafe for your little ones.

Which rooms can I use it & is it heavy to carry?

A Loungey® play couch will completely transform a room, and we guarantee that it will be used and enjoyed every day. It can be placed in any room of the house, and it is light enough to be carried around to every room of the house (with the exclusion of wet rooms) making it one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you will own.

Are the materials safe?

At Loungey® we take safety very seriously. Our couches use only the most durable premium open-cell polyurethane foams which are cloaked in soft & durable brushed micro-suede covers and YKK zippers to create the safest and highest quality play couches. You won’t find any timber, board, metal or screws so there are no hard, sharp or chunky bits to get hurt on. Our foam is certified and listed CertiPUR-US® which is the gold standard for foam safety. Since it's certified, you can rest in comfort knowing your play couch is free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. Low VOCs and made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEPC flame retardants.
Our micro-suede covers are made using STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textiles. We love our Loungey’s and we want them to have great lives and age gracefully. This is why we chose to use a premium and luxurious textile called micro-suede for our covers. Micro-suede is an exceptional artificial material which is made using millions of fine 100% polyester fabric fibres. The extremely fine threads used produce a lightweight fabric which is easy to clean and resistant to wrinkles and stains whilst retaining a luxurious feel. Dust doesn’t seem to settle in Microfibers in the same way it does with other fabrics making it the perfect option for families with pets or dust allergies. The material retains some stretch so it is flexible enough to distort when being used for play, whilst fitting beautifully and providing a designer feel to the sofa.
We use YKK Zippers which are housed neatly in a garage to avoid accidents during rough play

I have a hard surface floor do I need to put something underneath Loungey® to stop it from sliding?

Although tiles or floorboards are ok to park your Loungey® adding a rug or yoga mat under it with help provide stability. It’s also important to remember that Loungey® encourages creative play and as a super soft surface sometimes little ones lose track of their imagination and providing a soft place to fall could be a good insurance plan.

Cloudey™ mats

What is a Cloudey™ mat?

The Cloudey™ mat is a thick, plush, soft touch tatami mat made using high density slow rebound memory foam and clothed in traditional fabric materials. Walking on a Cloudey™ feels like what you would imagine it would be like to 'walk on a cloud'! It makes for the perfect lounge room, playroom or play couch companion and is far nicer than simply having a rug.

What are the benefits of a Cloudey™ mat?

Some other benefits of the Cloudey™ mat are:

-Easy to clean & quick to dry

-Ant-slip bottom backing

-Noise reduction & sound dampening; avoids hard floors in a play area or having to tip toe around the baby’s cot!

-Spill & stain resistant

-Ultra light weight; rollable, foldable and easily portable from room to room

-Made using high foam density so no additional underlays are required

-A much more affordable choice comparing to traditional rugs or carpeting a room

Is Cloudey™ good with kids & pets

No kids play area is complete without a big cosy soft floor mat. The Cloudey™ mat will help transform the playroom into a comfortable, safe and happy space. Children love rolling and playing on Cloudey™ as they provide wonderful sensory feedback, and they make for the best companion to a Loungey® play couch. Conventional play mats are heavy, expensive and feel hard and plastic compared to a Cloudey™ mat which simply feels far better. Also conventional play mats can be colourful & fun but usually don’t suit a home’s décor and end up standing out. Whilst a Cloudey™ mat on the other hand is going to be a versatile, cost effective and fashionable addition to your home transforming a space with both comfort and style.

With our Cloudey™ soft memory foam mats, you can worry less about the kids hurting themselves from a direct knock on a hard surface floor, and they make for a great resting area for your pets without disrupting the look of your room with an unsightly pet bed.

Can I use it if I don't have kids at home?

Of course! Our Cloudey™ mat is designed for everyday use by the whole family including the pets.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance:

Regular cleaning:

The Cloudey™ mat is designed to be both stain resistant and easy to clean.

As the top surface is made from fabric, most spills can be easily wiped away and the mat can be vacuumed as necessary. You can spot clean or steam clean the mat also and it will usually dry out within 24 hours. It's best to hang it after a wet clean to allow for faster drying.

Dry spills such as crumbs will vacuum easily however, if the spill is damp or sticky, you can use wet-wipes or a damp cloth and simply wipe off the liquid immediately and the marks will disappear.

Intermittent cleaning:

You can sprinkle baking soda across the top of your mat and leave it for 10 minutes before vacuuming, as this will help keep your mat fresh and clean. Carpet powders like the ones especially designed for pet odours also work but each brand is different so make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and as usual it is best to test on a small inconspicuous area first.

It would be good to consider placing your Cloudey™ under the sun around once a month on a clean and dry surface in a dry spot such as a balcony, patio or porch. A fresh breeze will help to alleviate odours, and UV rays actually destroy the bacteria that cause bad odours. Don’t leave it out for more than a day at a time and ensure that it’s not raining.

Deep clean
For a deeper clean, handwashing your Cloudey™ mat gently with cold water and hanging it to dry works best. The use of a Spot wash cleaner is also ok, but we do recommend to test a small area first as every machine and cleaning solution differs slightly. Just remember not to use too much water at once as the foam will become very heavy!

*Avoid frequent washing as this may affect the quality of the mat.

*Don't place furniture on Cloudey, as over time it will compact the foam and it will not be able to fully expand back.

*There is a difference stain resistant and stain proof. Moisture and liquids should be wiped off quickly and not left for extended periods of time.

*Cloudey mats are designed to durable, but not indestructible and like most products they are susceptible to general wear and tear. Care should be taken when using your Cloudey as it is a soft product and can be damaged.

Everyday living & exercising

If you live in a home with hard surface flooring, the Cloudey™ mat is a great solution to add style and comfort to your space. Rather than spending thousands on carpet, our 35mm thick mat will ensure that your bedroom or living room is an amazingly comfortable personal space and walking on it with bare feet feels heavenly. If you’re renting and the floor are hard a Cloudey™ mat is a great and inexpensive way to add softness and sound dampening.

Colours & materials

Our Cloudey™ mats are available in a variety of sizes & carefully chosen colours to fit any room in the home and will harmoniously blend with most floors and furniture.

Cloudey™ mats are currently available in a choice of FOUR sizes and a range of NINE fashionable colours across TWO ranges to suit every décor.

Small (1m x 1.5m)
Medium (1.5m x 2m)
Large (2m x 3m)
Super large (2m x 4m)

For added softness & a more luxurious feel we also have our Cloudey™ mat ‘LUXE’ edition which looks and feels divine. The ‘LUXE’ edition enjoys the same benefits as the original Cloudey™ mat at 35mm thickness and a non-slip bottom.

** Do not use on polished concrete floors or floors with acrylic based sealers.

*A note on colours; Remember that colours will vary based on photography, your screen and also with batching and dye’s. There will be variations in colour from what you see on our imagery, or in other customers photo reviews and what you receive. This is a fairly standard and acceptable industry condition. The size of your Cloudey™ will also have some variance due to the unique production process and some tolerance should be made here. *A note on size & shape;

About Loungey®

Where is Loungey® made?

Where is Loungey® made?Loungey® is an Australian owned company, and the products are designed in Sydney, Australia. The item components are manufactured under license and with love and care in China by an accredited factory with more than a decade's experience in the field of foam couches. Loungey® employ Aussie Quality Control assessors who work within the factory to ensure that only the highest quality standards are maintained. Every piece of furniture is checked before leaving the factory.

Influencer collaborations & following Loungey® on social media?

I am a social media influencer and could promote Loungey®, will I get a special discount?

At Loungey® we love working with influencers, both micro & macro and are happy to support the people supporting our brand by offering a performance based incentive. Contact us at if you would like to be considered as an influencer for our brand.

Can I follow Loungey® on social media

Yes! We share tons of behind-the-scenes fun, important announcements, hold competitions and share plenty of Loungey® builds, unboxing and fun content on our Instagram page. We also have a TikTok, Twitter and a Facebook page where we share similar posts. As well as a Pinterest page where we share inspirational lifestyle imagery. It’s a great way to keep in touch with our loyal followers and we love following your Loungey® journey as it unfolds!

Why do you use micro-suede covers & do you provide covers in other materials?

Are Loungey® play couch materials safe?

At Loungey® we take safety very seriously. Our play couches use only use the most durable and premium open-cell polyurethane foams which are cloaked in soft & durable brushed micro-suede covers and YKK zippers to create the safest and highest quality play couches. You won’t find any timber, board, metal or screws so there are no hard, sharp or chunky bits to get hurt on. Our foam is certified and listed CertiPUR-US® which is the gold standard for foam safety.
Since it's certified, you can rest in comfort knowing that your play couch is free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Low VOCs and made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEPC flame retardants. Our micro-suede covers are made using STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textiles which means that you can breathe easy in the knowledge that it does not contain anything harmful.

Why do you use micro-suede covers & do you provide covers in other materials?

We love our Loungey’s, and we wanted them to both have great lives and age gracefully. This is this reason why we chose to use a premium and luxurious textile called brushed micro-suede for our covers. Micro-suede is an exceptional artificial material, which is made by using millions of fine 100% polyester fabric fibres. The extremely fine threads used produce lightweight fabrics, that are easy to clean and resistant to wrinkles and stains, whilst retaining a luxurious feel and appearance. Dust doesn’t seem to settle in Microfibers in the same way that it does in other fabrics. The fine fibres in micro-suede stop dust from accumulating too much. That’s why micro-suede is the perfect option for families with pets or dust allergies. Micro-suede covers are wonderful to the touch, and they feel smooth and luxurious. Whilst the material has some slight stretch which means that it is flexible enough to distort when being used for play, whilst fitting beautifully to the cushions and providing a modern and clean designer feel to the sofa. The best part is that it is machine washable, check the care tab on the inside of the cover set for more information.

We have found that micro-suede to be the most practical and popular material used in this space currently, but we are working on introducing some new textiles into our range which are scheduled for release in late 2023.

Orders & Shipment

If I order multiple items, will they ship at the same time?

Yes. Our pricing structure doesn't allow for split shipments, especially as offer free shipping on larger orders & great combined shipping discounts. So all items ordered will be shipped together on one consignment which makes it easier to track.

Don't be alarmed this is common practice for parcel delivery carriers such as Australia Post.

If you ordered your items separately, they will be usually fulfilled & shipped separately.

What is a pre-order & how long will it take to ship?

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order means we don’t have the products in stock, but available for you to order to be made specifically for you. When you place an order in a pre-order, you will be charged at the time you order. And once we fill all our shipping containers, the pre-order will close, we send the list to our manufacturers, and they get to work. Although lead times are far longer for pre-orders as we’re waiting to fill our containers, the benefits are:

(i) You are guaranteed to have your order in our stock pipeline

(ii) You only need to pay 50% deposit now

(iii) This is a great way to guarantee your Loungey® well ahead of a special occasion.

What’s the difference between a pre-order & a drop?

Drops happen when we have the stock already in our order runs and ready to ship. They are very limited and usually sell out quickly. They generally ship within 3-5 weeks from the date if your order. Whilst Pre-orders are for stock that still needs to be manufactured. They are much more relaxed and allow you to get exactly what you want. They generally ship within 3-4 months of ordering.

Why do pre-orders take so long to ship?

Pre-orders take 3-4 months to ship because they are made specifically for you when you order. We don’t have the items in stock on the shelf, so we send it over to our manufacturer, they create it just for you, ship it to us, then we ship it out to you!

Where do you ship & how quickly will it arrive?

Where do you ship to & how much is shipping?

We ship to Australia & New Zealand but are able to ship internationally on request.

Shipping costs are subsidised nationally and calculated for each item. Combined shipping discounts apply.

For shipping & handling rates visit our page here.

We use a network of couriers, please take care to provide the full & correct details and instructions as required to ensure a successful delivery including your email address & mobile phone number. Once your order has been dispatched you should receive tracking details to your email so you are able to track your order, notify the delivery company of any special instructions such as ATL (Authority to leave) at your front door or make the necessary arrangements to pick up goods from the post office should delivery not be able to be made as scheduled.

It is important to note that most couriers will not ship to a PO Box.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

No, we're not able to ship to PO Boxes.

What is the turn around time on orders?

If we have the stock on hand, orders will usually ship (dispatched) within around 1-5 business days of purchase. You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order leaves our warehouse.

Please note that because orders ship quickly, cancellation requests and order modifications, like shipping address changes, may not be possible.

We strongly encourage careful review of all order details when placing your order to avoid delays and redelivery fees.


Handling & Shipping times can extend by several days during:

-Particularly busy sale periods

-Directly proceeding public holidays

-Directly proceeding a stock drop (pre-orders may overload staff)

It doesn't mean that we have forgotten your order, it just means that our team is working super hard and we just need a little more time than usual. Don't worry, you'll get an email notification once your order has been picked up by our logistic partners.

How quickly will my Loungey® arrive & do I need to be home for delivery?

All new orders will usually leave our warehouse within around 1-4 business days of purchase, and you will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order is processed. Delivery time will vary depending on your location and our shippers schedule, usually arriving within 4-8 business days for major metro cities & a few extra days for regional areas & New Zealand. This could take longer during busy periods such as Christmas or EOFY or if there has been any disruptions to the courier network.

It is important to note that with combined shipments (if you order a number of items from us at once) as these are packed in separate boxes, in some cases they will be delivered separately. As long as they are ordered at the same time they should fall under the same tracking number and you will be able to track your order using this. Don't worry, your items will arrive - just sometimes seperately! (its just the way that courier companies work)

We will do our best to have your Loungey® dispatched to you ASAP but cannot take responsibility for any delays caused by shippers.

When you check out, please leave comments and an ATL (Authority to leave) if you would like our couriers to leave Loungey® somewhere safe if you're not home. Most couriers in Australia work on a contactless delivery method anyway. If there isn’t a safe spot to leave your Loungey® products the courier will take your items to the nearest depot and notify you in order for you to collect from there or rearrange a delivery at the time you are home.

Can I have a delayed ship date?

Yes absolutely BUT.

We know how exciting it is to purchase one of our products, and sometimes you want to make sure that you can grab one whilst stocks last. If you need to buy your Loungey® early and have it delivered later on, be sure to email us well in advance so that we can work with you to ensure the product is stored and only dispatched when it is needed. Our warehouse are super professional and built for speed so if you don't give us sufficient notice before you place your order chances are that it will be immediately shipped.

Can I collect my Loungey® from your Sydney Warehouse?

To keep overheads low and our prices fair, Loungey® currently operates as an online business only and therefore we cannot offer any collection options.

Can I make changes to my order?

If the order has been picked & dispatched then sorry, we're unable to adjust colours and/or quantities once an order has been placed — instead, we'll ask if you'd like to follow the cancellation policy above. All colours are also available as Cover Sets so you can always grab any future colours as a separate cover set if you have changed your mind about the colour. However if you have just placed an order and contact us in time and we happen to catch the order before it has been picked - we may be able to make changes to an order. As our company strives to have your products shipped to you ASAP it makes it hard to make changes once an order has been processed so please take your time to choose carefully to avoid disappointment.

Can I cancel my order & can I change the colour/quantity/items in my order?

Absolutely. So long as the order hasn’t been dispatched from our warehouse, you are able to cancel your order within 24 hours of processing the payment. Please email us at with your order number ASAP.  Any orders cancelled will be subject to a 2.5% restocking fee. Please note that orders that have been fulfilled or delivered cannot be cancelled or returned due to the intimate nature of foam.

You can change your order details up until the point of payment. If you have changed your mind on the colour or design, or simply had a change of heart, please email us at with your order number to make any adjustments.


What payment methods do you accept & do you have gift vouchers?

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, PayPal, Afterpay & Zip Pay.

We are also able to accept Direct Deposit by arrangement (please select this payment
type when you check out & you will receive an invoice from us and our bank details)

Please note that in the event of a refund, afterpay and zip pay fees will be taken off the refund amount.

*New Zealand Afterpay clients:

Please note that Shopify does not support Afterpay for NZ sales, it is something that they are working to resolve and therefore we cannot accept Afterpay if you are buying our products from NZ.

Orders are charged at the time of ordering and your card will be charged for the whole amount once you confirm your order at check out.

Do you have gift vouchers?

The Loungey® play couch makes for the most amazing gift and as the product is so versatile it is a gift that keeps on giving and can be enjoyed by the whole family and for a long time to come. Rest assured that receipts are only emailed to the purchaser, and not included in the delivered package. Just be sure to list the recipient’s delivery address and not your own when you check out!

You can purchase gift voucher right here and they can be used as a credit contribution towards a Play lounge or any of our other products & accessories.

Sales offers, bundles, group purchases

Our group want to benefit from your bundle sale offer could you ship to several different addresses?

Unfortunately, as we use 3PL (Third party Logistics) at the moment we cannot split delivery locations under one purchase order.

How do group purchases affect product warranty?

As our warranties are non-transferable. This means that the party who was responsible for the payment transaction will hold the warranty. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, it must be run through that party.

refunds and returns

Do you accept refunds and returns?

We will happily refund an order that has not been dispatched (less any transaction fees charged by financial institutions which are usually arond 2.5%), but due to the nature of foam products we are unable to process a return if the item has been opened. In order to be eligible for a return, the Loungey® must be in the same condition that you received it and in its original packaging unopened and undamaged. We do not accept returns for a change of mind, or if your Loungey® has been opened or unboxed.

To start a return, contact us at and we’ll send you detailed return shipping instructions on where to send your package. Shipping costs for returns are borne by the buyer and will be deducted from your refund amount.

All unopened Loungey® products are eligible for return within 7 days of delivery. For our Play Couches this means that the Loungey® must still be wrapped up in its clear wrapping, and in the branded box to be eligible for return. Cover Sets, Liner Sets, and Pillow Packs must remain in the original clear plastic interior liner with the adhesive seal still intact and must be returned in the original packaging.

To initiate a return, please attach a picture of your unopened product(s) and email it to us.

Please note that returns do not apply to the following: 

Regional orders, New Zealand and International orders, Special Edition products, orders of three or more Couches/Cover Sets/Liner Sets/Pillow Packs, products that have been opened and used and Gift Card purchases.

*Please note that all returns incur a 20% restocking fee to cover the cost of handling.

Please note that we do not cover any Paypal or credit card transaction reversal fees that may be applied by any credit institution to the purchase and these usually cost around 2.5%, this is the customers responsibility and will be calculated for each order.

Can you issue NDIS Invoices?

If you are eligible for NDIS, we are more than happy to issue invoices for Self-Managed and Plan Managed NDIS funds. We love to see the way our products benefit so many children. Please email us at with your details for an NDIS invoice request. We recommend that you check with your plan manager in advance of the purchase as unfortunately we can't guarantee you will re-imbursed by NDIS as this will depend on your plan.

What is your returns policy

For change of mind returns or exchanges we have a 14-day return/exchange policy in place. All returns and refunds will be issued at our discretion for a store credit in the form of a gift card, redeemable on our website. All products wishing to be retuned or exchanged must be unopened in original packaging and delivered to our warehouse at the buyers’ responsibility and expense. A restocking fee will apply to cover our internal costs relating to handling, inspection and restocking the product back into our warehouse and online system. Please note unapproved returns or exchanges will not be accepted, and exchanges and returns are limited to 1 time per order.
Please choose carefully as we are unable to provide any refunds for change of mind in colour and size of product

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