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Complete micro-suede cover sets & Waterproof liners

Microsuede cover sets

A Loungey® play couch is part sofa, part toy, part sleep over solution and part forte. With this in mind we can of course anticipate that they are going to get a great work out! That is why our first choice of material, and what you will most commonly see a Loungey® play lounges shown in is brushed micro-suede covers.

At Loungey® we made sure that we selected Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified brushed micro-suede, and our YKK zippers are cleverly designed to garage away within the upholstery. Smart handles are placed in just the right position to allow for easy folding. Our beautiful range are available in a choice of Nine (9 off) luxurious and on trend colours.

Extra cover sets are a great way to have a few of your favourite colours, and also a great idea so that you have a spare cover whilst your original is in the wash.

Colour description:

Ivory: Light cream

Rain cloud: Light grey

Latte: Light brown / beige

Blush: Soft peach / pink

Sea foam: Light subtle green

Navy: Traditional navy blue

Magenta: Light lilac

Fawn: Mustard like colour     

Dark Knight: Very deep & dark brown almost charcoal / black colour

Waterproof Liners

We all know that accidents happen, which is why we highly recommend protecting your foam with a Loungey® waterproof liner set. If you are concerned about accidents from little ones or pets our inexpensive waterproof liner sets are made to match  all our lounge designs - as an added benefit they make dressing & undressing the cover sets much easier.

*Just be sure to select your lounge design first, then the colour that you require before placing your order.