Unboxing Your Loungey

Unboxing Your Loungey

Unboxing your new Loungey play couch is just the beginning of the fun. Here’s how to get started:

Fight the Urge to Zip

Once you open the box, resist the temptation to immediately zip up your Loungey. It needs a little time to get fluffy!

Watch and Learn

Not sure where to begin? Watch our quick video guide below or head over to our YouTube channel for comprehensive unboxing videos. It’s like following a treasure map that leads to the ultimate Loungey setup.

Feeling Handsy?

Give the foam a gentle massage to help it expand. Think of it as giving your Loungey a mini spa day!

Explore More

For more tips, tricks, and creative ideas on how to enjoy your Loungey, keep exploring our site or connect with the Loungey community online. We’re excited to see how you incorporate Loungey into your daily adventures.

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